Thursday, December 29, 2011

CLAAS ETRION 400 and the future of American tractors

First watch the above video.  My guess is the design you see will probably make it's way to the states in 20 or 30 years.  It's not the compaction that will bring it but the need to put more horsepower to the ground and the need to get from here to there faster.  A manufacturer could add additional axles (Duetz-fahr or Big Roy ) but now you are getting to a length that becomes unmanageable when viewing either what is coming or the equipment you are pulling.  As they said in the video lifting a set of middle tracks would allow the mobility you need to scoot down the road.

Where will this end?  In my opinion? Automated, motorized tillage equipment or AMTs.  Eliminate the operator AND the tractor from the equation by setting multiple AMTs out to the field with wireless communications between the AMTs and the owners.  Just like ants.

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