Monday, February 18, 2013

Grandma Sayers' buns

Thanksgiving Rolls, Christmas Buns.  Those little round delights that tasted like angle food but counted as bread.
Grandma Sayers used to make a roll that "was to die for."  I don't think she took the compliments on her rolls very seriously.  Everyone wanted her recipe but to my knowledge she never gave it out.

And I know the reason why.

It wasn't because she was devious, evil, snotty, mean-spirited or just plain spiteful.  It was because she was embarrassed.  Her recipe was not a great secret.  It was everywhere.  Probably over 100 of her fellow church members had the recipe in their recipe books.  Today you can pick them up at the local Sam's Club, Walmart, Meijer or Target.

Why?  How? When?

Find the oldest Betty Crocker recipe book you can.  It's in there.  It's here: Betty Crocker Gold Medal Classic Dinner Rolls

Everyone has access to it.  Enjoy.

(Her secret was to use butter on the top while they were still warm.)

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