Friday, May 27, 2011

Belterra, Southern Indiana, and small tractors

Sorry for the delay.  I was at a conference at the Belterra Hotel and Casino this past week.  Casino was not bad, the carpeting is getting long in the tooth and a little sticky.  But otherwise pretty good - EXCEPT $10/DAY FOR INTERNET ACCESS!!!!!  Next time I will bring a wireless access point and give free internet to the entire floor.  (Thanks to Ed for that idea!) 
As for Vevay and Patriot - great towns.  Vevay had a street festival for 1 night only for us.  I guess the first Friday of every month they have a street fest.  Really a good time.  A few local artists had some really good displays of photography and oil painting. 

How does this relate to tractors?  I was amazed at the number of small tractors setting for sale.  It makes sense when you think about it - with all the hills it would be hard to run big equipment.  I'll post a few pics when I get them downloaded.

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