Thursday, May 19, 2011

LOW hours John Deere 4430 for sale. Not Cheap.

1976 2,662 hrs.  Grandpa bought it in 1977, Dad ran it.  My brothers and I grew up in it. We have only put 15 hours on it since September 2007. 

I remember riding to the right of the steering wheel standing by the little door for hours.  At night the glow of the orange light reflecting off the white decals making it easy to read the instruments and lever positions while giving a comforting warm hue to the darkness (Pontiac owners will understand).  We would take turns sleeping behind the seat, standing up, or best of all sitting on top of the arm rest next to Dad.  We would wax it at least twice a year.  Dad (our local Ag teacher) had the FFA kids help paint the hood, fenders, front and side panels once.  Years later one of those kids told me they used a high quality automotive paint that he was able to procure for Dad.  Pretty sure that hot looking paint job was hot paint.

$25,000 is the price.


Unless you try to talk me down, then it is $26,000.
If I just don't like you - $27,000.
If you start talking about how much better red tractors are - $29,000.
Trades can be negotiated - I always wanted an extra arm and leg.

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  1. What's the price if I start talking about how much better Allis Chalmers tractors are?