Monday, June 13, 2011

No Southern Indiana pictures. How about these?

The pictures I took in southern Indiana did not turn out very well.  I was using my phone camera from a moving car.  What could go wrong?  Blurred, too high, too late, too low, too soon, and finger on the lens.  Yep.  When I do it - I do it right.  So I have two other pictures I thought I would toss up here.  The first is my daughter and me heading down the road, wide open on the previously mentioned 4020.  1964 Synchro-Range.  Diesel.  1 family owned.

The next picture is from the Annual Tippecanoe Steam & Gas Power Show in Battleground, IN.  (Battleground is right next to Lafayette and Purdue university.)
I took picture (with the phone camera) because it reminded me of a build-it-yourself from Popular Mechanics magazine in the 1950's.   Yes it is a Gibson tractor, but it does look homemade.

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