Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Red Tech - CaseIH 535 quadtrac Steiger

Ok. A little late on this one. But I did get to ride in a CaseIH 535 quadtrac Steiger.  A ton of screen options and buttons.  If you are over 50 this is probably a little intimidating. I can't imagine what these 70 yr old farmers must be thinking.
But the great part is that after a couple of minutes - you realize that it is pretty self-explanatory. You pick out the speed you like, turn on autosteer, and go.  That simple - unless you start playing with the gauges.  That is where you can determine that by running the tillage tool an inch shallower you can cut the engine to 80% and still run .3 - .5 mph faster.  Imagine that - increasing efficiency in fuel and time while having autosteer keeping overlap coverage to a minimum.

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