Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ha! It LIVES!!!

Special thanks to Tom Bonnell.  Mom had called Tom for a phone number of someone who had offered to help me.  Not knowing the phone number we desired, Tom offered his help instead.

I am not sure when Tom left the farm for the business world, but the way he zipped around that tractor it must have been yesterday.  He went straight to the fuel system with a can of carb cleaner and had the valves loosened in minutes, all the while pointing out the little tips and tricks an experienced tractor owner takes for granted and a novice like me repeats over and over hoping it sticks.  We then hooked a tow strap up to his Subaru and pulled started the A.  That little all-wheel drive 4-banger went right down the field, no slippage.

Again, Thanks Tom!

Here is Mom taking it for a spin.

My son Zane getting his first drive...

and my daughter Audrey on her first turn.

Much to their mother and grandmother's disapproval both kids took a solo drive too.
Remember to look for it at the Northern Indiana Power from the Past show in Winamac starting this Thursday July 14.

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