Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Tractor Show, cousin Henry, and the heat

So here is the the finale.  The heat really set in on the last day of the show.  So did the sediment in the fuel tank.  The Model A died on my about a half mile from home.  I did not think much of it until that night when I got into the shower and realized I had a nasty heat rash. 
The show went well though.  I was able to enlist the help of Corey Plank, the president of the power association, to crank the flywheel.  Once we figured out that the choke was installed backward Corey got the tractor to fire on the next throw. He then proceeded to talk me into entering the pulling contest. 
The pull was a dead weight pull about 30 feet long.  I hooked on and yanked the first one right down the strip.  The second pull was not good.  The tires are as balder than me.  I just sat and spun them.
We had Kirk's boy Henry with us that night. Here is a pic of him in Uncle Jack's creek.  Henry got to ride and drive with me on the A that night, but due to the crowds I did not feel safe letting him solo. 

Alright I am heading out to clean the sediment out of the carburetor, a Marvel-Schebler DLTX.

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