Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I have a cat. Sort of.

For the first time in nearly 30 years I almost have a cat.  Actually it is my neighbor's cat but it has been living over here ever since my neighbor burnt it. 
      Earlier this summer I went across the road to help my neighbor Gary, he was moving some equipment around to load his planter.  He started a grain truck that he was using to carry a 1,000 gal water tank, fertilizer and seed.  The belts on that truck started squealing like a steam engine locking-up the brakes on a downhill grade.  Gary cut the engine and I realized that squealing was the sound of a cat.  
      While I stood with my fly catcher stuck wide open and brain in low gear Gary jumped out of the truck and popped the hood.  The cat (named Bonesy) was in the worst position possible.  He was stuck between the two hottest parts of the engine - the block and the exhaust manifold.  Literally stuck.  All four paws were running in midair.  Had Bonesy been on the ground he would have outrun every dog that had ever lived.  As it was, he was doing nothing except making it harder for Gary to get a hold on him.  Gary did get him out quickly.  The fur was burnt in several places, a few spots all the way to the skin.  Bonesy quickly fought free and ran off for the next 3 weeks.  
      We found Bonesy in our barn lot and took him back across the road twice a month ago.  Last Friday my wife was showing one of her friends our barn lot when Bonesy appeared again.  This time he stayed around until I got home from work.  He looks to be healed but malnourished so I gave him some meatloaf.  And again on Saturday.  Again on Sunday.  Monday he was AWOL.  Last night he was back.  Tonight he showed up in the back yard after dinner and hung out for a half hour.  The picture above and below were taken an hour after that when he made a run for the water bowl.  
   Did I mention my son and I are allergic to cats? 

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