Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Olivers and brethern from Half Century of Progress at Rantoul

If you look closely at the first two you should notice the four garden tractors are Oliver, White, Minneapolis-Moline, and Cockshutt.  That is one RARE collection of garden tractors. The Oliver and Cockshutt are model 75s. While the other two are 107s.  The kids sitting with the garden tractors told me all four are the same tractor.  From the looks of it, I believe them.

 That 1800 is beyond restored.  Great job.
 This 125 is supposed to be rare because of the transmission. I took a picture of the underside to help me remember why it is rare but the pic did not turn out.
 For the Cletrac fans.
 Here are two more nice restorations.  Was there a different "white" used at the factory or is one of these tractors off in color?

 I love these things - the redheaded stepchildren of tractors.
 This 2255 was still in workclothes.  Sounded like a dream when that kid fired it up.

 These were in the same collection as the 2255.

 The kids in front of Olivers lined up to pick corn. That bottom pic is all Oliver, wagon included.

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